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According to one of those monster polls there will be Spiders in the game (thanks to the 13 people who voted for them).

So my decision to preorder the game or not depends solely on the answer of this question:
Will those Spiders be removable or replaceable in any way?

You can throw Giant Radioactive Mutant Zombie Double Bush Rats of Mass Destruction with Rocket Launchers or whatever at me but no Spiders.
Surely, that poll is not truly indicative of anything. The people voting don't actually know what monsters/enemies will be in the game, they are merely guessing based on the setting, previous games and so forth.

In the case that they do include spiders, I don't think there will be a way to remove them, unless they only act as background critters.

Do you suffer from arachnophobia?
I heard in Penumbra you just needed to delete the Spider files in order to make them disappear. I still didn't manage to play it otherwise I would know for sure by now.

(02-28-2010, 11:01 PM)Akong Wrote: [ -> ]Do you suffer from arachnophobia?

Guess so. Funny thing is that it's worse when it comes to digital spiders. Must be because they are a "real" threat.
You might have been able to delete them. I haven't looked very much into editing the files. There are times however where the spiders are pretty important to a section of the game. Removing the spiders would completely take out the challenge. But then again, if it is impossible to enjoy the rest of the game otherwise, it would be a necessary sacrifice.

(02-28-2010, 11:33 PM)tacc Wrote: [ -> ]Guess so. Funny thing is that it's worse when it comes to digital spiders. Must be because they are a "real" threat.
That's actually quite interesting. You are more afraid of spiders in media where they can't hurt you directly, only the protagonist of the game, than you are of spiders in real life, where, if they were venomous spiders, they could actually kill you. Of course most common spiders aren't venomous and therefore won't kill you. It's interesting nonetheless. I'm probably the other way around, though, to be fair, Penumbra has a strange ability to make you afraid of damn near anything.
Of course real dangerous spider are worse than digital dangerous spiders. But there arent' any around here. Umm..... I hope. At least none of them tried to jump in my face.
Don't ever move to Australia. Just a heads up.
Too much censorship there anyway.
True. It can get quite out of hand. It's like in Germany, where the replaced all the soldiers in Command & Conquer: Generals with robots. ALL of them.
Same with Soldier of Fortune 2's German version, where all the enemies are androids that explode when you shoot them because the real gore is apparently too violent.

I loved Soldier of Fortune's gore.
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