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Full Version: Novint Falcon
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So, this is probably hidden in the dark depths of "I can't read and it's really obvious" but since that's the case, what's the worst to come from posting here?

Is Amnesia going to / likely to / not going to have Falcon support?
I felt it really added a lot to Penumbra, and I don't actually use the thing for much else so I'd love to see it re-surface for the new game.

Or was there just not enough love from the game-buying public to bother with the massive hassle of coding it all?
If that's the case then fair play, but one poor user will be disappointed at the very least.
(Still probably buying it, so don't feel *too* bad, but disappointed nonetheless)

If it is definitely included, then how do we go about pre-ordering the haptic version?
I'd like to do so straight from your stores and get as little money as possible to people who aren't the tiny team of legends who made all of this possible <3
We are not sure at this point if there will be a haptic version of Amnesia and would say that it is highly unlikely one would be available at launch. I wouldn't rule out the possibility, but do not get your hopes too high.
I registered just to voice my support for a haptic version. I was interested in Penumbra before I bought my Falcon, I got it mainly because of the Half-Life 2 support (like most I'd imagine). After reading the reviews of the haptic versions of Penumbra I bought the series then and there. If there is any hope for a haptic version I'd be holding out for it, the Penumbra conversions are the only games I've played that really seemed to use the Falcon to it's full potential.

At the very least it'd be nice if Amnesia was patched later rather than a whole new purchase, DLC pack maybe? I'd pay extra for the support as it definitely would take a lot more to add proper Falcon support to this game than a shooter, buying the game twice is a little excessive in my mind though.

Here's the current thread @ Novint on support for Amnesia:

I've got my fingers crossed, I think it'd be a waste if it never happened.
I'd like to voice my support, as I would buy this game but only if it were to support the falcon. A little harsh, but that was the reason why I bought the other Penumbra games and I'm probably not the only one.
How common is the Novint Falcon? I've never actually seen one in real life and it's really hard to "get it" based on youtube videos and text descriptions (aka I can't bring myself to shell out $200-250 on a force feedback device). Having to re-buy some titles to get them to work with it does not appeal either :/

At any rate it doesn't sound like something more than maybe 1-3%(if that) of gamers have, I don't feel like a company, especially an indie company, is by any means obligated to support something like that. If they do all the better (certainly from what I know of the device penumbra/amnesia are perfectly suited for it), but it should be deemed a bonus, not an essential.
Agreed, that thing seems cool, but seriously, you're talking about a teensy minority that actually own the thing. If it was easy to implement support, ok, but from the sound of it Falcon support isn't something you just spend a day incorporating into a game.
Hi there - I have to chime in on the Amnesia + Falcon support. Honestly, I was attracted to Frictional Games 100% BECAUSE of the Falcon - upon buying the Falcon and seeing the rave reviews of Penumbra Haptix, I bought the bundle, and I'm now eagerly anticipating Falcon support for Amnesia. In fact, I loved Penumbra Haptix so much that I don't want to imagine playing Amnesia without it.

I'd hazard a guess that the attach rate between the Falcon and Penumbra is quite high. I haven't gotten into learning how to code Falcon HD support games yet, but given Frictional Games' experience with doing it for all three of the Penumbra games, I'm hoping you still have the coders/engineers that have that experience - and probably could bang out something great in a relatively short amount of time.

Products like Penumbra Haptix and the Novint Falcon support each others' sales in a feedback cycle - the more press one receives, the more sales both receive. Yes, the Falcon may be a minority controller, but it's growing momentum in terms of game support, and I'm confident that an Amnesia/Falcon support patch would result in a SIGNIFICANT spike of sales in the course of a week.

That being said, thank you Frictional for making great games. I hope that you have the bandwidth to support the Falcon and make your own games even more immersive!