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Full Version: What is THAT!?
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It's the Tuurngait on the dark age, what else it can be?
I always imagined it being the butcher of those pigs, just about to butcher the screaming lady. But why would the butcher be naked?
At first, I thought it was the tuurngait used as a placeholder for demonstration. Since they've done so earlier. Though, since it's a teaser I doubt they'll use placeholders.
They obviously stole the Flesh pound from killing floor Big Grin

Atleast it looks like it lol.
I´m more interested in what was at the end of the teaser...
(04-16-2010, 11:24 PM)spukrian Wrote: [ -> ]I´m more interested in what was at the end of the teaser...

I agree, we should start talking about it.

Looked like a rotten fleshy mass that emits sounds of ear-rape.
It was like an alternate world. More like Black Plague transition.
The transition was more like Requiem eye-rape.
doesnt look like flesh to me, watch closely cause when i do i see mushroom shapes like its a type of fungus
^ yeah i see that too
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