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Full Version: Ha ha, I found H.P. Lovecraft!
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As far as I know, I'm the first to discover this. Sweet! Nice Easter Egg, Friction. Oh, and before you guys ask, this was in Black Plague in the room with the worm past the poison gas.

Or if the TinyURL doesn't work for some reason:
I never actually took note of what Lovecraft looked like. Neat find there.
Huh, I knew what he looked like, but would never have made the connection. Neat find indeed!
I wonder is there any more uncovered secrets in Penumbra..
How can we confirm this? I'm not saying it's fake, I just wonder if that's actually what they did or purely coincidence. I do notice the connection - nice find.
Thanks. I am also curious as to whether or not they did it on purpose. I'm inclined to believe they did as they cited H.P. Lovecraft as a big influence on the game, but also because the similarities are indisputable. The nose and chin, especially.
It's easter egg, just like the Freeman and crowbar in Overture.
Good find! That certainly looks like him.
Actually someone else has found this.. but it wasn´t that body, it was a different one...
And the book in the Library: Necronomicon, HP talks about it in several of his short stories or novels. The Mountain of madness (one of HP's stories) is supposed to have influenced Penumbra series. I'm going to read it, I think its a short read.
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