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Full Version: Jerky , broken or just weak?
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Once, in Overture, in a total panic situation of dealing with 4 or 5 of them at once, I thrown like 4 or 5 jerkies randomly into the ground... one of them was all happy eating it while the other ones were biting me and getting pick axed. There was a moment I managed to hold them all down for bit, and I stoped to look at the one which was eating and thought "wow, he doesn't care for anything around him at all" I felt like laughing at it, but then they all stood up and I just ran like a maniac into... some door in the 1st Tunnel System. Unluckily it was blocked from inside. lol

So ye I think it's a bit hard to make them eat it. In all those dogs and over all those jerkies only one worked.
I figured that was what the jerky was for, but never had an actual use for it, I just killed all the dogs... the spiders were the only ones that gave me any problem

I didn't know the jerky was for dogs I thought it was a health pack since jerky was the only food that lasted (twinkies not invented yet). I eventually figured it out a loooong time into the game but just killed the dogs to practice axing and combat.
Is it possible to kill the dogs with a hammer? they keep getting back up.
They need to see the beef jerky landing, otherwise they will ignore it.
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