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Full Version: Jerky , broken or just weak?
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Though I was able to get through the game without it for some reason the
Spoiler below!
infested dogs would never go to the jerky for me, even if I was hidden. This was particularly annoying in spots where you are obviously supposed to be able use the fenced steam rooms to kill them. No matter how many pieces of jerky I tossed in the dog would never even go towards it (despite walking right by). As a result I developed a hell of a knack for both the pick axe and running like mad, neither of which seems as easy as the solution I couldn't use.
Whether jerky works or not seems totally random...

In the early versions of Overture I remember jerky working flawlessly 100% of the time, but I guess they changed the AI in Black Plague and that change was carried over to Overture in a patch. That´s my speculation at least.
I found that the dogs would only be distracted by the jerky if it landed within their field of view and fairly close by. Even if they walked directly over a piece in their patrol route, they would ignore it unless they saw it land.

...Which logically should probably be the time they're the least inclined to go eat it. But oh well.
They either need to see it landing or hear it landing and they will eat it.
The dogs have also sense of smell. I mostly use two beef jerky to lure the dog into the chamber to get it steamed.
I'm pretty sure that if the dogs have a sense of smell it is very minimal, considering how little it does to help determine where the player is by his scent. It works well and it pretty logical since they all look half-dead.
(04-22-2010, 09:22 PM)Lee Wrote: [ -> ]...since they all look half-dead.

They're infected. Just like Red was.
Just thought of mentioning.
I know, but they also look slightly eviscerated along with the actual mutation and whatnot.
In penumbra I through the meat down for a dog way out of it's walking range (in the halls before u enter the catacombs with the huge drill vehicle) and he went for it
Never knew the jerky was used for that, I usually ran away and hid. XD
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