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Full Version: The "What are you listening now?" thread
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What song are you listening to right now?

If you want, you can post cover art of the album or a straight YouTube video.

How to post a cover art?
Do this: [img] [/img]
Copy the picture's URL and place it instead of "".

How to post a YouTube video?
Do this: [video=youtube] [/video]
Copy the video's URL and place it instead of "".

OK, let's get started!


K-System - Don't Stop (Keep on Rockin')

[Image: 1224381a9b0d.jpg]
I'm listening to this beauty:

[Image: 51zt18O-ipL._SL500_AA280_.jpg]
I have always hated these types of one sentence threads like this. They all end up with people posting the name of the artist and song separated by a hyphen and then leaving.

Anyway, I'm currently listening to:

[Image: 4c153e9f6571a9957437bc9d2725df70_full.jpg]

One of the best progressive rock albums ever in my opinion. Ron Jarzombek is a genius.
Limp Bizkit - Creamer (Radio Is Dead)

[Image: B0000C7PRW.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg]
[Image: placebo-once-more-with-feeling-singles-1...dition.jpg]
Björk - Isobel

[Image: ea73342f2498ec2ebacbe9fc493.jpg]
[Image: al.jpg]

Amish Paradise by Weird Al
"Jason Mraz - Did You Get My Message?"

[Image: Jason-Mraz.jpg]
Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer

[Image: 252px-OzzyDownToEarthCover.jpg]
ef - mourning golden morning
[Image: ef.jpg]