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Full Version: Your video game recorder
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What type of video game recorders do all you guys in the forums use? I use FRAPS. I can get around 30-40 frames on some games but stuck around 25 on penumbra. I think upgrading to a better monitor with maybe 75 hertz or even 100 Tongue Though 30-40 frames is fine for me.
Fraps is what I use. It works fine for me, and I doubt there are all that many other programs, so I won't look for one that gives me more FPS when recording.
I forgot to mention I can get exactly 60 frames with Vsync off and the videos half-sized.
I use Fraps too. Though my pc screwed something up so now when I record I get a very crappy sound. is pretty neat. There's no download and the FPS is decent. Although I never tried recording games with it.
I use Fraps as well.