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Full Version: drm on linux?
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Thank you for participating in the Indie Bundle program. I am totally blown away by Penumbra Overture on linux, both the game itself and what a seamless job was done integrating it. For such a complex game, I had no technical problems (apart from the mediocrity of my own graphics card).

I want to buy the Penumbra Collection from the FG store, but I need to know before hand, with absolute certainty, if it has any sort of DRM at all. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find information on this on the site, commerce site, or forums. I apologize if I am being redundant, but please let me know and I'll buy immediately if it is DRM-free like Overture was. Thanks.
The collection only has a simple serial protection. I would hardly call it DRM Smile
(05-12-2010, 09:37 PM)Thomas Wrote: [ -> ]The collection only has a simple serial protection. I would hardly call it DRM Smile

Indeed not. Smile Purchased. Thanks for the game and quick reply!
This is good to know, I am about to get the collection myself. Big Grin

I got the Penumbra demos running fine in my Fedore12 x86_64 and I'm interested to buy the Penumbra bundle, maybe even Amnesia pre-order too.

However I would like to clarify one thing first. I tried to search this forum to find out what I get if I buy linux version but I did not find the full answer. So I'm expecting to get full installation file or files for each game in the bundle and serial code or codes for the games. Is that correct? Another question, if I format my harddrive and upgrade to Fedora13 can I use the same installation files and serials again to re-install the games? I just need to be sure I have a back up available.

Is it going to be the same with Amnesia too?

You can use the same installation files and serial again and can also re-download if needed and if we are around to provide it.
OK thanks, I will buy the game bundle in next couple of days. Smile

- HitMan
Don't forget to install patches! Wink