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Full Version: Penumbra - Overture announced!
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Today we would like to announce that a commerical version of Penumbra, called Penumbra - Overture, is in development.

The game will feature the same story as the tech demo, but will go go alot more indepth on what has happened on the Greenland and with your late father. There will also be some new gameplay features, for example a new mouse driven melee system.

Check out the mainpage for two new screenshots.


Congrats!!! Smile I will surely buy it.... IF I CAN MAKE A ROOM FOR IT lol But the engine will be free? Only art will be copyrighted?



BTW: Do you need a someone for making the German translation? :-D


Or spanish... Tongue


awesome news... mouse driven melee sounds killer. Atleast its not guns! Tongue
:o looks insane
Congratulations, I look forward to buy it.

I must also thank you for providing us with the amazing... let us call it "Demo-Version" of the game. You really did an excellent job with it.


Um.. so this is basically the full version of Penumbra you are making right? That means that you will include everything from the demo, or are you guys rewriting that part of the game? You said new melee combat.. can you explain what that intitles or is it a secret? Also, you said commecial, that means we have to buy it then.... Will it be relatively cheap? I dislike how games nowadays cost over 50 dollars brand new where I live. Sorry if I don't sound excited... I really am glad that u guys are finishing this game! The demo was freakin' sweet! =)


...or Dutch...

How many levels then huh? And put in some easter eggs, dead end streets and very difficult puzzles, pleeeeeeze....
As for the melee combat system I would suggest not making it very powerful. Mostly something like smacking an enemy with a crate from behind the corner to make it lose it's balance and then running like hell while it's still down. A good hit with something heavy would perhaps result in knocking it unconscious. Complete killing should be made pretty hard to do unless the creature is naturally fragile or something.

Just my opinion though.
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