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Full Version: Environments?
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I was here wondering, what kind of other environments will there be besides manor and dungeon. Will there be other environments and what kind of environments?
Do you have anything that you could tell us?
Do you often ask ppl to tell you what a movie is about when you're about to see it? Wink

I mean, I don't know about you, but I'm kind of anxious about Amnesia, the trailer rly got me pretty much like the wolf in Rogger Rabbit when he sees Jessica dancing Big Grin, but I still prefer to preserve this anxiaty to better flavour the dish when it's served.
Well, there probably won't be any weird mining shafts/bunkers like in Penumbra, if that's what you're asking. Since this game seems to take place well before electricity was commonplace, assuming that the lantern isn't simply an anachronism, it can also be assumed that there won't be anything modern about the environments.

Plus the description on the site quite clearly says that the main character wakes up inside a castle. So that's going to be in the game, at least.
In the last interview they said it will mostly be within the castle I guess, you will move into older sections of the castle that tend to be more creepy as the story goes on and what not. There are sewers and underground tunnels and things too. Some outside gameplay but I think thats brief. A torture chamber would be neat. Hopefully we can see some new gameplay soon or screen shots! muhahaha