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Full Version: Floating door
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I was replaying Penumbra Overture and I noticed some doors behave very strange once you knock them off their hinges...

I made a video of it, check it out.

I even tried to use it to block that steam leak but it just blew away!
Yes. I noticed the same. I think only the metal doors can moved like that.. i guess. Good vid!
It's only realistic. I don't see a problem here.
I've noticed this too.
But the truth is: Have you ever tried to pick up a door, using only one hand? Tongue
(05-19-2010, 12:32 AM)NeatNit Wrote: [ -> ]It's only realistic. I don't see a problem here.

Where do you live, and is it common for doors to be filled with helium there? Wink

Anyway, I usually don't try to break down random doors so I never noticed this before... pretty funny glitch, though.
Physics are really weird in overture. I once 'glued' a metal barrel against a wall, it just kept sticking there, but the most funny thing was the chair I put upon a wooden crate hanging with a metal cable on a crane. I could put the chair in the middle of the crate and the metal cable was now going through the chair.
It looks like it's still trying to open the door while you are lifting it, so it wiggles around.