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Full Version: Languages on Steam Version of Penumbra!
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Hey why you dont put german language from the box version to steam version? Overture has full supported language and Black Plague and Requiem do have german subtitles! But the steam only let you choose english or france! :=) Played trough Overture now and its fantastic and cant wait to start black plague now, but would be nice if you guys could add german language to the steam version of penumbra too! pls Smile
Pls would be very nice! :=) I understand english thats correct, but in german its much easier and i would make a Lets Play of it! Wink
Publishers own the subtitles so we can only provide English for online versions on Steam or elsewhere.
Then i want to do a own translation only for you guys! :=) It will cost time, but im a fan and will do that and i dont want money for that.

Only i want to know is how i can do that ( Font etc )

I do that, if permission is given to me! Wink

EDIT1: By the way, i asked Kalypso Media for language support, because they released the german retail version of Penumbra Overture! :=) But Black Plague and Requiem are published by Paradox Interactive your currently publisher, so why isnt german language possible in Black Plague and Requiem? :=)

EDIT2: Maybe Kalypso Media will respond to my bid to allow you guys to put german language on the steam version of overture^^
Now after i got respond from Kalypso they said they cant give the german language copyrights to Frictional! Sad So whould it be possible if someone make a own new german translation of the subtitel and give it to you guys for free and you will put it then to the steam version? We dont need voices etc this all can be english, but german subtitels would be nice and i would do a whole new translation for overture, black plague and maybe requiem if you will put that to the steam version! :=) So i can support much fans out there who want it in german!