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Full Version: My Opinions on the Game
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To start off with, I'm a fan of the psychological horror genre. I'm a fan of games such as Condemned, Silent Hill, Call of Cthulhu, and Dead Space. I'm also quite partial to the movie Jacobs Ladder. Now, my friend recommended the Penumbra series to me a month ago. He told me that it was similar to the games mentioned above (disregarding Dead Space though). And after playing through it, I must say that I approve ten times over! The fact that such a game was made by an independent video game company verifies that people still have taste. I liked how the game combined a first person shooter with the in depth puzzle solving of a third person game such as Silent Hill. Plus, the puzzles made you think hard about the situation, but not too much were you completely break down in front of your computer in a stress-induced rage.

I would be interested in finding out how the team went about developing the game, including the formation of plot devices and plot-relevant puzzles. I would bet that the team had to make many changes throughout the game to get the final product out there.
But what interested me most was the audio. I would have enjoyed to see how the Foley effects were chosen, recorded, and edited, along with the music and voice recording. Being that I go to school for audio engineering, such things are indeed relevant to my interests.

Anywho, even if such questions are not answered, I would simply leave the team with this: I'm impressed with the work, and I appreciate the process you had to go through to make the game. Sweet f*****g deal!