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Full Version: Wanted to buy this series
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I just tried the game. It's fun to have such detailed interaction within the game environment. The only thing that bothered me was the use of profanity, taking the name of Jesus in vein.

It's tough to find good games on Linux so this is a bummer. Is there a way to dial the profanity down?

I mean no disrespect but you have to grow thicker skin if that is enough to prevent you from enjoying the game. From what I remember Jesus' name was never used in vain, save for passing allusions to him when expressing shock or disturbance. For example: "Jesus Christ, was that a spider?"

I'm sorry if that offended, but it's really not a big deal if you ask me. Certainly not a way of spreading hateful messages towards Christianity or anything...
Darling, nearly every game that isn't made by an internal studio for Pop Cap has at least a small bit of profanity.

What concerns me is that you want to play a horror game with violent eviscerated dogs and angry spiders that want to hunt you and you can't take "Jesus Christ?" There isn't even that much profanity in the game, but golly gosh, it reminds me of this mom whose eleven-year-old son plays Grand Theft Auto that was afraid of buying Dante's Inferno because she heard there's a boss that has a penis. Oh dear, let your seven year old watch violent Dragonball Z-type anime all day but if the writer lets slip a line of dialog containing the word "damn," Timmy's TV is going in the dumpster! :O
I would under stand if it said something like "God is dead", but since it just says "Jesus christ" you really can't complain.
He is allowed an opinion of course, as are we all. I'm sorry that you were offended by game. Perhaps they're just not for you as the developers won't be lowering the amount of profanity if the majority is not bothered by it.

Plenty of other games to go check out of course!
Thanks, it looks like it's a cool game overall with an amazing engine behind it.
I think you can lower it down manually if you really want to.

There's the language file in the folder you installed Penumbra: Overture (in this case we call it "Penumbra")
So, if you installed the game on your C:/ drive, it's on "C:/Penumbra/redist/config" (language file is "english.lang") and it's available to edit it in a notepad, I believe.

So, after you find the language file and your ready to edit it, you just search for the words you don't like (CTRL + F) and then edit off all the words you want and then save the file.

However, I've never tried to translate the language file, so I can't help more with it.
But as I see it, since there's some forum user made translations, then I believe that it's possible to edit something off from it. Just like translating it... Instead of changing the words, you remove them.

Just don't upload the final version of your edited file anywhere.
Since it's not really a translation and it's not "official" curse word removal file, I don't recommend you to share it around the internet as an "english.lang" file.