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Full Version: What do you miss about games?
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I miss the older graphics.

Well, yes: I do like the new graphics that look super awesome.
But there was something in the games made 2000-2006 and their graphics... Something that made them VIDEO GAMES.
I miss leaning.
passwords and cheat codes like big head etc.
I miss the awesomeness of 16-bit. SNES ftw!!!
(06-07-2010, 06:12 AM)graykin Wrote: [ -> ]I miss the awesomeness of 16-bit. SNES ftw!!!

I liked 8-bit more. Tongue
Haha! SNES & NES are both great, but i like 8-bit more. I still have 8-bit NES and many games for it.
I miss pixelation and sprites.

I miss 2.5D FPSs and not being able to have room over room.

I miss old-school RPGs and classic adventure games.

And I miss Japanese SNES RPGs too.
I miss live action film in games.
I miss great story telling. They all shoud do it like the super my personal fav story game Alan Wake.
cheat codes built into the game
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