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Full Version: Question about enemies in requiem. Spoilers
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One of my favorite parts of video games is the sensation of running from an enemy without knowing how close it is on your heels. It always gives me a rush of anxiety to the level where few other games can deliver.

Overture had only a few moments as such, dealing with worms was one. And Black Plague was even better due to not being able to kill the enemies.

I was definitely spooked for the first couple parts of requiem. But then I just started sprinting through everything with out really enjoying the game as much.

So what was with the lack of enemies in requiem? (Not really questioning the length of the game or akward twist in gaming style.
They made the last one a puzzle game, not really a horror game.
I was quite disappointed with Requiem, it looked like Super Mario with all this jumping on moving platforms. Not that the puzzles were bad, but it wasn't really a Penumbra game any more.
Well I liked Requiem, the atmosphere and sounds were so perfect that it didin't even need enemies too make me scared.
I loved Requiem. It wasn't scary, of course. But the puzzles were creative, the atmosphere really gave the feeling of being alone in someone else's partially destroyed mind.
Requiem was great!
I knew there was no enemies but the game still made me jump at few parts.