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New screenshots and two new videos!!!

Who is the environment designer? He must be sick in the head :/
Looks fantastic. Big Grin
Oh my goodness that is awesome, anyone recognize the women's voice in the exploration video? Tongue
As awesome as this is, I'm going to avoid that page like plague! I don't want to have too much revealed to me, so I guess that means I'll have to completely avoid this thread!

Still, it is awesome.
Awesome scenery! :O Like it so much, but why i tried to translate the review into german? But i stopped immediately
Spoiler below!
only think i know now is that i have to kill a person with the name alexander!
;( Hope that isnt much! Damnit

use spoiler tags to be nice to your fellow forum members
I am so glad I pre-ordered because that looks absolutely awesome! I hope that didn't spoil too much, though... kind of felt like it did. So much voice acting too!
Awsome!!Big Grin And holy sh** scary video!
I'm not going to watch it. I deem being spoiled about what CoolKakashi said enough (don't worry; I'm not one to hold a grudge). I have to ask, what kind of a moron would release a spoiler ridden review of a game months before its release? It doesn't please anyone.

Unfortunately my introduction to Penumbra was watching Helloween4545's Let's Play of it which just happened to be the very end, so I played through both those parts knowing exactly how it ended. It sucks I suppose but it didn't detract from my overall enjoyment of the games at all; I would just much prefer not to be spoiled.
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