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Full Version: [Solved]Black Plague w patch 1.1 crash at startup (no audio problem)
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Just finished overture without problems, black plague demo runs flawlessly as well. Unfortunatly, Black Plague from the collection crashes on me at startup. Graphics mode is switched, I see a flash of a black screen with with text in the middle (LOADING?, too quick to tell), after that crashes, and leaves the video mode at 800x600.

Running patch 1.1, did the audio library tricks, but to no avail.

Running debian with Nvidia Quadro NVS 104M

hpl.log attached.

Thank you

User Initialization
Initializing Penumbra: Black Plague
Version $Rev: 3012 $
Date $Date: 2010-02-06 22:44:48 +0000 $
Checking Supported Profiles
Profile CG_PROFILE_VP20 is supported
Profile CG_PROFILE_FP20 is supported
Profile CG_PROFILE_VP30 is supported
Profile CG_PROFILE_FP30 is supported
Profile CG_PROFILE_VP40 is supported
Profile CG_PROFILE_FP40 is supported
Profile CG_PROFILE_ARBVP1 is supported
Profile CG_PROFILE_ARBFP1 is supported
Profile CG_PROFILE_GLSLV is supported
Profile CG_PROFILE_GLSLF is supported
Profile CG_PROFILE_GLSLC is supported
Trying to load vertex program!
ERROR: Couldn't load image 'effect_white.jpg'
FATAL ERROR: Couldn't load image 'effect_white.jpg'!
Seems my install wasn't complete, quite obvious because a lot of files and folders were missing.
obviously my own fault: the install was not complete, with a lot of missing files.