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Full Version: Penumbra Black Plague Vync and screen tearing please help!
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I am having this weird problem with Black Plague.

I got the latest patch and everything (1.0.1)

For some reason Vsync ALWAYS stays on for some reason and yet I am still getting this weird screen tearing whenever I walk forward.

My specs are as follows:

i7 920
Ati 5850
4gb ram
Ati CCC 10.6

Any idea what the problem could be?

Check so that vsync is not forced on/off in the ATI panel. You can change other settings and they will stay changed? So it is only vsync that is always set to on?

Even with vsync on you will get some tearing in Penumbra.
Thanks, you rock! That seemed to have worked.

(I had my ATI control Panel set to Vsync Always off.)