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Full Version: SOMA
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I am playing SOMA and I like to livestream it I will be editing this post later tonight with a link so if you would like to join stay tuned here is an awesome thumbnail


I am 25 from Canada, my Facecam is 720p microphone blue yeti. My style is comedy with some hints of serious thrown in.

hardware I am playing on: Asus m32 i54460 gtx 970.

I stream a variety of games to youtube and twitch.

A short while ago someone suggested Amnesia and some other horror games like layers of fear(loved it) like seriously you have no idea how good layers of fear is, it's not the full game but holy crap it's good 97.7 rating on steam to back me up. One of the first physiological horrors I played was LIFE IS STRANGE I wrote that in all capitals to emphasize how much I loved it. I loved it so much when the last episode came out I stayed up and started playing it the minute it released. I played all three hours In one go and edited it that night. I was the first video on YouTube haha! Because of that video I met one of my greatest supporters a girl from Germany who always wants to see more. The other is a girl from the states.
I take requests very seriously and always write back when people message me but then my channel is very small haha!

Well I came here to interact with other Frictional games lovers so we will see you in the general section. I am now a rabid fan of Frictional games and hungrily await something new like a wolf does its next meal.