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Full Version: Wuss mode
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So I want to install Wuss mode on Linux. I have SOMA's GOG version and I have Wuss mode. Where exactly I do have to place the files of Wuss Mode?
no mod support yet for linux as far as I am informed, or was that just the mod tools?

but I do know that for non-steam versions of the game you need place the Wuss mod's folder in "mods" which will be in whatever the root folder is called on your system(the root folder is the one with the soma.exe inside).

if you have no "mods" folder, you need to add it manually.

Once the mod is placed correctly you start the modlauncher.exe, select the mod and start the game
Linux doesn't use exe files, but other than that it should be mostly the same procedure as Windows. Create a "mods" folder in your SOMA install directory, then place it in there. Use the ModLauncher to start it (hopefully this is included for Linux. I think it is, since it is on Mac).
Thanks it worked!