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I recently watched Memento, Donnie Darko, and Pan's Labyrinth. Im trying to find movies that make you think in the end or have that HOLY SHIT DIDNT SEE THAT COMING ENDING.

On a side note pan's labyrinth didn't have either, it wasn't to bad though but JESUS CHRIST THAT WAS NOT A KIDS MOVIE, definitely not what I expected.

So if anyone knows any good movies like the above then post a comment.

Another side note Pan's Labyrinth and Donnie Darko had the scariest shit since the Tuurngait. Fucking pale child killer and frank.
I thought Ringu had a pretty nice ending. The fun thing is that the whole movie builds up for it. The ending is probably spoiled to death nowdays though.

On the top of my mind other movies with interesting endings / end acts: The Prestige, Seven, Fight Club, Dark City and Cube.

Also of course The Empire Strikes Back, did not see that one coming!!! Tongue
I watched a movie last weekend that made me think and scratch my head in confusion... the Spanish movie Timecrimes. Really good time travel movie.

Oh and another Spanish movie that comes to mind is Fermat's Room. It's kind of like Cube in a way.

Then there's Open Your Eyes, which was later remade in english as Vanilla Sky.

For some reason I can only think of Spanish movies... Confused
XD Cube 2 Hypercube is like one of my favorite movies. The first is still a little better since it doesn't have an unnecessary scene in it......
The Machinist is a great film.
La Vita รจ Bella is one of the best films I've seen in my life and there's nothing of a twist at the end, but it really makes you think about different aspects of World War II and the Holocaust of the Jews than what's constantly portrayed. Der Untergang is pretty good at that too.

Also, A Clockwork Orange and Pulp Fiction are two films everyone ever should see. At least, so far as they're mature but damn they are both absolutely amazing.

Let's see. I was told Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind was good by a friend. All symbolic and stuff. Where the Wild Things Are is also a great movie. And don't worry if the idea of childishness fends you off. It's not as much of a kids movie as it is a movie about kids.

Edit: and The Holy Mountain. Really nonsensical and surreal, very often in a boring manner, but everything is symbolic. If that appeals to you.
Yeah I don't dislike childrens movies. I mean hell Toy Story 3 was amazing. Certainly will look into these movies. I strongly dislike action without purpose, movies that rely to much on special effects, and comedy movies because none are ever funny. Seems nowadays only classic comedy like The Naked Gun is funny.

Some other movies I've seen lately is The Beautiful Mind, JFK, Inception, Wrath of Con, and the 2009 Star trek. All were excellent and I recommend them all if you like a good story.
ST2009 was absolute shit.
its more of a movie for people who aren't fans of star trek and for the ones who are its kinda rewriting the story for an alternate timeline so it wont be just remakes of old episodes.
I used to be a Trek fan. I'm not anymore. There's some great Trek, but even on its own that movie is terrible. It's just a special effects festival. All of the characters are angsty/douchebags. The plot is based around a MacGuffin that's about as nonsensical as MacGuffins can be. The narrative also has no particular direction. It's a straight up bad action film with mediocre actors, crappy humor, bad writing, and explosions.
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