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Full Version: Steam activation codes?
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When and how are we going to get them? I already have the game pre-ordered from the site and in the post it says steam codes will be available to pre-orders so what's the news on that?
(08-27-2010, 07:02 PM)nofsky Wrote: [ -> ]

When is this going to work? When I enter my information it says "No such purchase, please try again."
Is this normal? I haven't seen anyone else saying this, so I'm starting to get worried...

For the record, it's definitely not me doing something wrong, because I can successfully enter my Penumbra OST order number and download it.
I now tried to login and nothing goes wrong.
Are you sure you're logging in with the mail you purchased? No forwarder etc.?
I can log in to and Amnesia is there so something must be wrong for you. Try sending a mail/PM to Thomas or Jens, I'm sure they can fix it.
Yeah, I checked that everything was right...

Just sent an email to "support [@] frictionalgames [.] com"
Well, I hope nothing goes wrong and you can play it at 8 September. I don't want anyone to miss this greatness.
jens fixed it Big Grin
the self site has no "lost" type thing to email you.. i can not find my original sales email.. how am i meant to log in?
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