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Full Version: Penumbra takes the cake?
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(08-29-2010, 08:31 PM)Lee Wrote: [ -> ]You need a computer the size of a Russian nuclear icebreaker to run Cryostasis properly, so don't try it yet.

I think that's due to bad coding.
Since if you look at Cryostasis, there are lots of other games that have even better graphics, or at least, as good as it has, and they won't need so much from your computer than Cryostasis.
Apparently it's optimized to only use 40% of one core in your computer. I don't get what the fuck gave the guys the idea to do this, but I still love it, and it really is one of the best-looking games ever. Texture resolution isn't GIGANTIC PIXEL PRETTY ASDASDFASD but there aren't many games that look better.

It's the mystery solving that makes it great. I wish Action Forms were still alive. Then I could send them mail asking for a patch that changes that part of the engine. Truth is, I don't know anything about their future. Their website is never updated whenever I can actually access it (Firefox tells me it has a virus but it doesn't). I can't find anything about them and it's sad.
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