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Full Version: Amnesia: TDD added to IndieDB
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Since Frictional Games kindly asked for some more attention in their blog, me and my friend decided to add Amnesia: TDD into IndieDB, as nobody else seemed to mind doing it.

So, after a week of waiting authorization from the IndieDB staff, we finally managed to add Amnesia: TDD into their database.

We hope that Amnesia: TDD will receive some of the attention it deserves there. Looking good so far, as it had over 500 views today.

Here is a link to Amnesia: TDD's page in IndieDB.

So, if you have interesting news about Amnesia: TDD, feel free to add them, as me and my friend might be too busy and/or lazy to add everything by ourselves.

(Amnesia: TDD's engine is currently referred as "Custom Built" in the page, but we are planning on adding HPL2 there too, later.)
Wow that "infected" looks scary!
Thanks a bunch!!
Hey guys, I'll add the news about the demo on and also upload the Windows,Mac and Linux demos, aswell as the new video. I hope that's ok with you.
More than okay!

It is excellent! Smile

Please post news about the Demo if that is possible.
The news has been posted, the video added and the demos uploaded. They will be authorized soon enough.