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Full Version: Custom stories not showing up
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I was playing Amnesia for the first time in about 6 months and I noticed that a few of my custom stories don't work

This is a bit depressing because I've haven't played quite a bit of them

The ones that don't work are below

Dark Room
Fear Amnesia
Followed by Death Chapter 2
Grunts Castle
Madness Ch03 Demo
Martin's Survival
Nintendo Castle Horror
Pewdie Survival
Pewdiepie's House
Pewdie's Revenge
Trolling map
Twenty four hour Amnesia
Where is The Cuprite

Please help me fix this problem
Check your resources.cfg file, located in Amnesia's redist folder - do you have a line like this? It is usually located at the bottom of the resources.cfg.
<Directory Path="/custom_stories" AddSubDirs="true" />

If not, append it to the end of the resources list. This will add the custom_stories folder to the directories that Amnesia searches for files in and add them to the custom stories resource list.

Otherwise, if they are full conversions, you should follow any instructions which are on the website they were posted, or included with the download.


I know they're not Full conversions because they were showing up and working previously before I started playing again

And I do have that line and they're still not showing up
So only some stories show up and these don't?

Could you try redownloading them? Perhaps they were interupted during download and is missing parts of an essential file for displaying (the custom_stories_settings.cfg file within).
To be precise, they crash or they are not showing up ?


They are not showing up at all
Check if you're not missing the custom_story_settings.cfg file.

Also, I know it's very basic, but are you shure you placed the CSs in redist/custom_stories/ ?


Hello! I saw this forum and couldnt find an answer to my problem.
I am taking the "Destiny_Revenant_1.04" custom story and putting it into my custom stories folder. I extracted everything correctly and it still doesnt show up. When I went into the resources.cfg file of the mod I saw this:<Resources>
<Directory Path="/Destiny Revenant" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/_temp" AddSubDirs="false" />
<Directory Path="/fonts" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/textures" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/models" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/gui" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/static_objects" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/sounds" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/shaders" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/lights" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/billboards" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/entities" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/graphics" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/viewer" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/particles" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/models" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/music" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/textures" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/misc" AddSubDirs="true" />

If you need anymore information on the matter, please feel free to ask.

P.S- I have never actually downloaded a custom story before.
Did you edit the resources.cfg fo have that first line there? Are you sure this isn't a mod? Custom stories don't use their own resources.cfg file. Remember to install it like a mod if it is a mod, or like a custom story if it's a custom story. If it IS a custom story and still doesn't show up, remember to open the resources.cfg file that is in the top level of your Amnesia folder and add this line somewhere in there:

PHP Code:
<Directory Path="/custom_stories" AddSubDirs="true" /> 

If this is a mod, it likely includes a "config" folder with a few different .cfg's. If it's a custom story, it should contain a file named custom_story_settings.cfg instead. Check that.

Again, if it IS a mod, place the folder in your Amnesia folder instead. There should be a .bat file (or equivalent for other OSes) which you can run to start the mod.


(03-12-2016, 09:11 PM)Mudbill Wrote: [ -> ]Again, if it IS a mod, place the folder in your Amnesia folder instead. There should be a .bat file (or equivalent for other OSes) which you can run to start the mod.

Okay, I checked and yes, it indeed is a mod. First off, I'd like to say thank you for checking this forum, I didn't think I would get an answer immediately and your persistence to help people is amazing. But I have a question. Do I just drop the whole mod folder into "Amnesia The Dark Descent"? If it helps, I downloaded mine from steam and didn't buy get it on disc, but i'm not sure that really changed any files. Like I said, I'm new to the whole concept of installing custom stories/mods to Amnesia.

Nevermind, I found out how to get the mod working! I just had to go into the file and find the launcher. What is really funny is that I downloaded the wrong mod xDD. Anyways, now I know how to download mods. Thank you so very much for your help Mudbill, I wouldn't be able to have gotten this without you man. Smile
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