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Full Version: All Amnesia demo discussion HERE
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You played the demo? Was it scary? ... or waste of time?
Post all of your demo thoughts into this thread!
I just make this before there is 20 different threads that say:
-"It was so amazing!!", -"Demo was really scary!", "I don't like this one thing...", we can have them all into one. Smile

If you have technical problems, please, post them into the Techical Support section!

I really liked that the "shadow" is your enemy in the game.
...if you stay too long in the shadow, you will go mad and your view goes blurry and moving becomes more slow, etc. Gameplay felt nice as well.
I really don't like the upside/down effect. It's just annoying, not scary.
I found a bug in the demo. After the introduction video ends look around. There are some stones on the left. Go right and straight until you see some other stones. You can climb over the stones and fall down on the other side. On the other side there anything, just black. I just found it important to mention the bug.

Almost forgot:

After playing the demo I can't wait for the full game! Just 1 week left.
-Awesome beginning messages
-Menu is great too
-Great use of movement control. I like how you can lean to upright yourself!
-FOV/image effects are cool
-I had to turn off image blur as it just makes it look really bad - hopefully that doesn't ruin the intended experience...
-Runs flawlessly on High with my PC, which is a few years old
-Hmm not sure if I like all the items being highlighted - edit: seems to only highlight within a certain distance. I guess that's alright. Undecided...
-Hmm x2 not sure I like how it auto adjusted my view to look at an objective item just then Sad
-Mouse feels really responsive
-Insanity effects are awesome - hello Call of Cthulhu!
-Physics really improved from Penumbra (hope full version takes advantage of them!)
-Really hates alt tabbing with XP. Can't use mouse.
-Water part, scary!

I didn't really understand that what other things there are when you start to lose your mind except that the view goes bit blurry and you start to hear strange sounds and your mouse movements slow down when you're insane enough?
Is there something else into it? Something that makes the game harder to complete?
For example: enemies that wouldn't exist without the insanity, or other hallucinations, like...
Spoiler below!
...the enemy in the halfway the demo which will disappear into dust if you walk next to it?

What I mean, is that after you play the game for some time, and if there is nothing else than these, then this whole "darkness and insanity" thing isn't really scary anymore. Sad
Wink Its awesome!

Here my Cons:

- no own savepoints or more than one
- highlighted objects
- think if you put the light on the hand get a little slowdown until it pops up in front of you^^ yeah im very very stupid, but i saw that! Activate the light and look the hand while it shines up! :=) Its not as smooth as when she is normal! XD Sry you can ignore that! Its so a stupid thing but i didnt found other cons, because this is one of the best demos i played for years and the game is still perfect until now! Cant wait for release Big Grin ART
suibriel, how did you turn off blur? I can't play it with that retarded effect (nor any game for that matter).
Seriously, am I the only one getting the upside/down effect? It makes the games virtually unplayable.

Also highlighted objects are fail.

And stealing my camera view, but I can live with that.
The demo is scary...omg water know..the enemy in the demo = 0.O
(09-03-2010, 04:47 PM)Akong Wrote: [ -> ]Seriously, am I the only one getting the upside/down effect?

And stealing my camera view, but I can live with that.

What is that effect?

Also, I think that "stealing" players view wasn't that good either.
Maybe it will give you every little scripted horror in the game, but then again, it annoys when you want to watch what was on the floor but the game tells you to watch some door.
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