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Full Version: DGA Mouse and shadows
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Game runs pretty well on my Linux debian, Nvidia Quadro NVS 140M. Framerate is not to high, but setting resolution to 800x600 is very playable.

Two issues i've run into:

- Mouse jumps around, same as in penumbra. Can be fixed by setting the environment variable SDL_VIDEO_X11_DGAMOUSE to '0'

- Casted light shows weird effects. The effect can be seen in the room where with the crack in the ceiling where the light shines through, and the boxes stacked to the wall. I guess both are suppost to cast light, but instead all objectes which should be affected by this light are painted green/blueish, flashing hue when I'm moving around. Setting 'shadows' to 'off' in graphics solves this, but alas, no shadows then.

Thanks for the great demo so far!
Installing the latest nvidia drivers (256.53) solved the shadow problems for me.
What version of X are you running that causes the DGA mouse issue?
Running Xorg 1.7.7. The mouse problem occurs on all versions of penumbra as well, but I have never experienced it in any other SDL application, so it seems to be specific to something in the Frictional code.

The 'light' problem can be solved by setting the shadow quality to 'medium', I will try later to update my nvidia drivers to see if this fixes things as well.

No other complains, the game seems to work just fine, and performs good enough on my 3 year old nvidia!
Very strange. I'm running Xorg 1.8.2 running a almost 5 year old Nvidia card and have yet to encounter that.