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Full Version: Known Issues (Read FIRST)
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Check the main Troubleshooting Guide as well for common issues.

Here are a few known linux issues so far found from the Demo version of Amnesia.

  1. Game won't install with $TMPDIR mounted as noexec
    You either have to mount TMPDIR (usually /tmp) without noexec or run the installer with --target /path/to/other/tmpfolder and specify a folder that does not have the noexec mount option.
  2. Game won't run as when you don't have write access to game directory
    if you install Amnesia into a system directory the game will refuse to run as a normal user, as you do not have write access to the game directory. The current workaround is to install it in your home directory.
    Make sure to run 1.2, patch at if you version of Amnesia is old.
  3. Open Source Drivers do not work
    Currently the open source drivers to not provide a complete GLSL 1.20 implementation.. So at this time you MUST use the proprietary NVIDIA or ATI drivers. If you want the open source drivers to support the game I would suggest supporting the Mesa3D and the driver projects to improve the OpenGL support.
  4. Poor performance with nvidia 6000 or 7000 series card ( may affect newer cards )
    Make sure xinerama is disabled as it causes a significant drop in framerate.
  5. Inability to set gamma on ATI cards or gamma too high on ATI cards
    It seems the ATI drivers are not supporting the X method used to set the gamma that is used by SDL_SetGamma, a workaround is to use the xgamma utility that should be available with your distribution to adjust the gamma.