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Full Version: First Walkthrough ::: Hints ON? OFF?
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I'm undecided. Since this game will basically be a one-time ticket, I want to enjoy every second of it, slowly, as if it was a precious, old wine, without missing anything.

So everytime I will be stuck somewhere I will enjoy it even more, as I did with Penumbra (I didn't even imagine what kind of game that was ... but my girlfriend had insisted I would appreciated it and I did! Wink)

So I fear that playing with hints would take away from the overall experience, and I don't really think I will need them since I already know how Frictional's mind cogs move...

But I also wouldn't want to miss some information that hints would give me that would otherwise improve the experience.

What do you think?
hints are just essentially objectives. go without them and it is way better!
All the hints you need:
Spoiler below!
- Shadows makes your sanity go down.
- Unsettling events makes your sanity go down.
- Rotate an object holding R and moving the mouse.