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Full Version: Still need so much personal details to buy with paypal!
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I know I contacted the game developers before when we had the option of pre-ordering the new Amnesia game asking them why we had to give so much personal information on the game order form when buying a downloaded game with paypal, You don't need any of this information and a friend and I both refused to pre-order the game because of this and the developers did kindly reply saying they were aware of this and were looking into how it could be changed.

I'm on the mailing list so have been getting the updates on the release of the new game so I returned to the store today intending to buy the new game but I find the situation has not changed at all and a ridiculous amount of personal info is still needed even when paying with paypal, even a phone number.WHY?

Judging by the pre-orders many people obviously don't care about giving away so much personal info as I do and I am happy for you that people are buying the game after all your hard work I just think it is sad that you will lose some sales because of something so stupid as this, the whole point of using a system like paypal is to keep the exposure of personal info to a minimum, I appreciate that the demands of the payment system are probably nothing to do with the game developers but there are other systems that don't require such personal info when using paypal.
The information goes to paypal, a trusted company. The person receiving your money does not see your information.
It's not we that want all the information. It's the company running the service, Esellerate, that wants all the information.

We are working on a new store, but there has been other more important things with higher priority, but with the game released on Wednesday work will continue on a new store with new payment methods.