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Full Version: The Official Physics Fun Thread
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ITT: We post stuff we did with Amnesia's physics for fun.
PS: It's not actually official.

Post, please!

The Helmet Family at dinner with special guest Mr. Pothead:
[Image: physphundinner1.jpg]
[Image: physphundinner2.jpg]
[Image: physphundinner3.jpg]
[Image: physphundinner4.jpg]

Continued because of silly image restrictions

Another dinner shot:
[Image: physphundinner5.jpg]


The coolest throne in the world:
[Image: physphunmakeshiftthrone.jpg]


And of course me jumbling all of the objects in the level together (except for the breakable ones because I broke them all):
[Image: physphunjumble.jpg]
The "coolest throne in the world" is simply hilarious, good work.
What room did you do that in?
It's right near the start. It's the room with the door that blows open and startles you in the hallway with two cabinets. Has a fireplace, a table, some chairs, a wine bottle, a vase in the corner, and a tinderbox.
By the way, it probably looks different from anything in the game because I doubled my gamma so it would be easier to see everything.

I gathered all of the physics objects I could find from across the level. Every single one had a place at the table except for the pen in the inkwell, which broke before I could place it properly.
Doesn't it ruin the game when your playing with that much brightness?
I mean you can see in the dark.
I don't plan to play at that brightness all the time. I just did it for the gathering of props and the taking of these photos so people could see it all. I play the game itself at the normal brightness setting.
Haha. Awsome pictures is awsome
(09-05-2010, 09:15 PM)SuddenJonatan Wrote: [ -> ]Haha. Awsome pictures is awsome

The first level seems to have some brightness issues because the map is leaked, it has a void into space. So the lightning isnt done properly.
I set my gamma high.
This wasn't easy as easy as you'd think.

[Image: 2dsqzjq.jpg]
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