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Full Version: Comm Center
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This has got to be a glitch, altho I would prefer it if someone thought I am missing something.
I am in Comm Center. The first time I went in, I had not gone to flood
room to flip the switch. But I still managed to contact Catherine (I believe
that is her) and then the whole place shook. She told me where to meet
her. Nothing happened after that. I was just trapped up there.

I went onto YouTube and found out it was suppose to flood.
So, I went back to previous save. About 3x's already. Confused

I have had a thorough conversation with Carl the he-does-not-know-
he-is-a-robot. I have tortured him by flipping his switch.
I used Carl and Amy's ID to access computer. I have flipped
flood switch. Poked the glowy thing, though I really do not think that
is a good idea. Checked out storage room. Fled the Big Glowy Robot
who I believe finds me when I stick my finger in one of its "babies".
Went up to Comm Center. Rebooted audio. Checked out map.
Cannot get Communication with Catherine-if that is her name.
2202 is what worked last time. Seems to try to work, but nothing.

I am frustrated. I want to move on.

I am playing on a HP Laptop Win8.1
In the Comm Center, you talk to Catherine after dialing Lambda. What happens then? How does the conversation go? I believe it is supposed to end abruptly due to the flooding, but you say there's no flooding. Does the conversation imply that there's a flooding anyway?

Could you perhaps find a video of the scene and comment where in the video things differ? Like a timestamp at where things stop working.
I will go in and try again. The first time I talked to her no flooding. The next 3 tries I could not
even talk to her. I tried a couple of different #'s (2204, 2208) but nothing.
Will try and get video.

Thank You. It was my mistake and not a glitch. You see, the first time I talked to her
I had hit 2202 (Theta) and I got a response from her-had a whole conversation. Then
nothing happened.
You said Lambda (2203) so I went in and pushed those #'s. Got a connection and
have moved on.

Very grateful to you.
Glad it worked out!