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Full Version: A strange bug/glitch with the Level Editor that makes the map invisible
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After around 3-4 hours of working on a map using only files from SOMA (unedited), I encountered a strange bug/glitch. All of a sudden, my map was invisible from the 3D viewpoint (the lower right view-option in the editor). XYZ lines were gone, so only the clip planes were there. It was also clearly visible on the 2D viewpoints.

I'm not sure how it happened. I was moving the "fire_alarm.ent" enitiy when all of a sudden everything went invisible.

I did find a way to get it back though, and it was via the "Find Objects" option. So I used it, choose a random entity/SO and focused it, and then everything was there again.

You'll have to excuse me if the report is poor or incomplete. I'm not used to reporting bugs. If you want any more info, then I'm happy to provide it.

Kind regards.