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Full Version: Ridiculously slow download speeds
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Hi.. I have been downloading the game form the frictional download link for hours now.. and have been averaging 5-15K the entire time, that is a 15 hours to get the file... normally when i download, say from GoG I get near 1.5mb. Then the darn thing failed in the download... so i have to start all over again. I restarted it but it starts form scratch... and it starts at 300K for 50mins but soon drops to average of 10K!!!

Is there an official torrent we can use instead of this download service? Or is there just a small file that contains the files needed to change the steam, downloaded version into the version that dose not use steam authorisation.

It really is ridicules that i can not download this game i have been waiting for for so long. Surly there is a official torrent for this?

If not it may be something the developers might want to consider for future releases.. take advantage of the massive swarm downloading and build a small 500k install application that is a torrent front end so your servers get no lag and all your customers get the file fast... (like the blizzard downloader)
You could maybe use your Steam Key and download at much better speeds through that..?
I'm sorry, but we do not have a torrent available. I think this is a temporary problem, I really hope that it improves in a bit, because it should not at all be that slow.
I think that the speed is low because other people are downloading from the same mirror at the same time. So, if there are 2 downloaders at the same time, the bandwith splits into half, so it's half slower than normally it would and so go on.
No that should not be a problem, it's server parks spread out over the world with bandwidth for the masses, so our few downloads is not something they will even notice.
Hmm... OK.
I was just experiencing such thing when I was downloading the demo?
Sometimes the download was fast and then it suddenly slowed to the half, so I thought that someone else is sharing the same mirror with me.
But the demo is not available from our system, so that has nothing to do with it Smile
Oh, yeah! Of course. Silly me! Tongue
still 10 hours to go... . . .. . LAME

(5 hours latter from my original post)
Still 2 hours to go... . . .
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