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Full Version: still crashing
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I have read Troubleshooting Guide - Look here before posting! post.

Upgraded my video driver and deleted the main_settings.cfg file.

Still get that error : Amnesia.exe caused an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in modulate amnesia.exe at 001B:00000000

Running on NVIDIA GeForce 90500GT
Windows XP

Usually i have no problems running high resolution game

Thanks in advance
Please download drivers from nvidia website and install them. The game is using OpenGL so it really needs proper drivers from nvidia!
Done again.

Unintalled driver, reboot, installed last driver version and reboot.

Still same error message
Do you uninstall the old driver first, then reboot and install the new driver?
I got that same problem and I have Geforce 8800 GTS and newest drivers. I fixed crashing partially when I disabled SSAO, water reflection and turned on vertical sync. Game still crashes often, i can play for 10 minutes and I have to restart the game because FPS drops to zero, FPS drop happens usually during flashback moments.
yes i done as u asked and not working.

I ll try what the other guy said i ll see Thanks
Stape & Goldenlefty:
Please post hpl.log that is found in "My Documents/Amnesia/Main"
There you go
found another HL
And i noticed my driver •Support d’OpenGL 4.0

i guess it should not be that?
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