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Full Version: Congrats on the release guys
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Just wanted to congratulate you guys on finally getting this one out, especially now knowing the game was deadly close to not seeing the light of day. Am fully enjoying the game, just got up to the waterlurker part after starting last night and taking a break to...well, sleep. Am like...2 1/2 or so hours in I think. Bravo on delivering another masterpiece guys.
Congratulations from me as well!
Yeah, congratulations! I'm anxiously awaiting tomorrow's pay so I can buy the game. Smile
Congratz indeed! ^_^
*Closes blinds and windows, shuts door.*

Yeah... I'm gonna be scared out of my pants.
Yeah, congratz, the game rocks hard. A true masterpiece Smile
+1 Smile

Plus one. Smile

(damn short message error)
Fantastic game, this is why I own a PC. Big Grin
Welcome back survival horror!
Now that im finally through it, i must say well done indeed, it was an amazing journey, this for me is right up there aloneside Penumbra, i will give Amnesia an 9/10. Its just such a freaky amazing game. i was on the front of my seat the entire time. absolutely love the atmosphere and the areas.

Really hope this sells enough for you guys, so you can produce more games, i dont know what company else deserves it, if this cant sell enough i personally will be shocked. because its a damn amazing game!.

Big thanks to all the guys a Frictional Games Smile
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