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Full Version: Funniest Amnesia Moments (Possible Spoilers)
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Although Amnesia is all about horror, as human beings, our reaction to shocking events is to sometimes laugh, or do something that we wouldn't normally do just to avoid the emotion of fear.

Share some of your most hilarious moments in the game hereBig Grin Post a pic, a video, or simply tell your story about something funny that happened to you while you were playing the game. It may have been in-game or in real lifeSmile

Let me start with mine. I was streaming the game on today and I noticed a dead guy had his man meat exposed. I grabbed the nearest bucket and covered his vienna sausage with it lolBig Grin

Here's a highlight vid of that thing from earlier today lol -> Adeno Censors Dead Man's Sausage

Have fun sharing your funny momentsBig Grin
After you do everything in the study, guest room and storage and everything goes all organic tissue on the half woman's body in the fountain a little boy's corpse appeared on it in a weird as hell pose -It looked as if he was humping her...Which was actually more disturbing than amusing, but still.
I tried to put the thing in the sewers back together. But it didn't work because it had 2 right arms.
(09-09-2010, 09:32 AM)tacc Wrote: [ -> ]I tried to put the thing in the sewers back together. But it didn't work because it had 2 right arms.

So that's what runs so darn fast after me in Storage.
A friend and I was playing the demo (since I didn't buy it yet) and when you get to the water part with the invisible monster we were like OMG OMG OMG LOLOLOLOL RUN! OMGOT IM EATENZ BY MONSTARRRR!!1!1!

It was hilarious and scary Tongue
I used the dog's severed head to smash the window to get outside of the Study when you have to bypass a blockage >_>
At the point where everything shakes, the character looks up and a box falls on him...well I had had slightly too much coffee by this time and it really made me jump backwards.

I tipped the chair over, knocked the edge of the bed behind me and caused a number of books that had been perched precariously on the edge to fall, just like the box did to Daniel a second ago, right onto my head.

I teabagged a naked corpse.
(09-12-2010, 06:38 AM)Lee Wrote: [ -> ]I teabagged a naked corpse.

Earl Grey or English Breakfast?
English Breakfast, of course.

Someone tell me what those terms mean, please.
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