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Full Version: I cannot get the computer in computer central to work
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I format the cards, put them in the computer, and it still will not let me use the PC in the doctors room...says it is full of errors. whats do I need to do?
* The Dr's room is filled with stuff. Grab the BATTERIES from the drawers.
* Grab the BLUE CARD from the shelf on the right, the RED CARD from the desk
and the GREEN CARD from the lockers.
* You can save if you want using the save point on the desk.
* Follow the corridors around into the with the computer (next to the server
room). You need to read the computer manual and use the PC.
* You now need to use the RED, BLUE and GREEN cards to load programs then put
them in the other computer in the adjoining room.
* The three colour cards are RED (BOOT), BLUE (NETWORK), GREEN (INTERFACE)

- Circuit Setup
- Disk Info Setup
- Hardware locator

- Circuit Setup
- Socket Protocol
- Firewall
- Antivirus
- Net Locator

- Circuit Setup
- CMD Interface
- File Stream
- Admin Tools

* Go into the room with the PC, where the Dr was.
* Use the PC:
Oh man that was a hard one stumped me for a while, till a buddy of mine, on steam, saw that I was playing it and asked how i liked it, yadda yadda, I mentioned I was stuck there and he helped me through, kind of. even though he hadnt quite remembered it, but half wrote it down.