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Full Version: UNBIRTH Complete Walkthrough
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Put on your brown pants, boys and girls, we’re gonna play UNBIRTH!

For those who may not already know, Unbirth was a small project by Thomas Grip before he co-founded Frictional Games. It's a neat little game and you can read more about it HERE, and also download it. Unfortunately, it's a buggy mess of a pre-alpha, so people usually only get 2-3 minutes into the game before it crashes and they quit - even though there is about 2 hours of content here!!

I think this will be the only guide of it's kind on the internet: a complete start-to-finish walkthrough of Unbirth. I really wish something like this existed when I started playing it, so I'm making one myself.

Download the game, then GO HERE to download EnDash's file pack, so you can start with more ammo, then go bother Plutomaniac to finish his recreation of Unbirth as an Amnesia mod (seriously, mate I would love to see this!).

After installing the game, go to the install directory, and find unbirth_test\misc\default.cfg
Here you can change the “height” and “width” values to match your monitor’s resolution (1080 and 1920 for 1080p monitors).

Now find unbirth_text\unbirth.exe - right-click -> Properties -> Compatibility Tab. The general recommendation is to run it in “Windows98” mode, but I had better luck in “Windows XP (Service Pack2)”, so try a few if you’re getting bad results.

99% of the crashes in this game are caused by using doors to enter a new area, so we’ll avoid this as much as possible by using one simple trick:

We won’t use doors.

Instead, when we come upon a door, we will use the in-game command console to teleport to where that door would have led us. This is the best way to avoid crashes in the game. This game will still crash, but it usually crashes gracefully, so a simple Alt-Tab and Ctr-Shift-Esc will be all you need. Since I'll be giving you all the area codes, it should be easy to teleport right back to where you were.

So from the main screen, don't click "Load Game" unless you're really itching to hard-reboot your PC. Do click "NEW GAME".

Well, I hope you're ready!
You find yourself at the bottom of a basement (this area is map basement1/start for reference)
  • W A S D moves you, MOUSE looks around
  • Left CTRL makes you crouch, Left SHIFT makes you sprint
  • F turns on the flashlight (even though you technically don’t have one yet)
  • TAB opens the inventory
  • examine the photo (you have amnesia, sound familiar?)
  • exit the inventory and look at the screwdriver
  • Left MOUSE button examines objects, Right MOUSE button picks them up if possible.
  • pick up the screwdriver and the flashlight
  • look at the battery recycling box, open your inventory, and use the screwdriver
  • open your inventory, combine the batteries with the flashlight
  • explore a bit, then go to the door under the light
  • press ~ to bring up the game console and type:
map basement1/passage1
  • press ENTER to walk through the door
  • press ~ again to close the console
  • explore, then head to the door at the end of the hall
map basement1/passage2
  • examine the “Posters” and “Missing Poster”
  • explore, then head to the door at the end of the hall
map basement1/passage3
  • examine the “Lockers” and “Broken Table”
  • take the string
  • go up the steps to the next door
map house1/garden
  • explore, then head to the back door of the house
map house1/kitchen
  • pick up the magnet and knife
  • press Q to equip the knife (it’s invisible, I know)
  • while a weapon is equipped, Left MOUSE button attacks with it, you cannot examine items
  • pressing Q again will holster the knife
  • explore, examine the “Table” and “Boarded-Up Window”, then head to the wooden door near the closet
map house1/livingroom
  • examine the bookcase, paintings, TV, and “Newspaper”
  • read your new journal entry
  • head to the wooden door to the right of the TV
  • examine the door
map house1/hall
  • examine the doors and the “Painting”
  • take the stairs up to the second floor
map house1/upperhall
  • take the “Note to Alex” on the chair, and read your new journal entry
  • explore the two open rooms
  • in the bathroom, take the pills - these replenish health
  • in the bedroom, examine the bed and cabinet
  • go to the door opposite where you came in
map house1/bedroom
  • examine the “Pile of rubble” and “Ceiling”
  • back in the upperhall, there was a door at the end of the hallway, it leads to
map house1/workroom
  • examine the desk, paintings, bookshelf, and closet
  • use the screwdriver on the drawer on the desk
  • now, when you press Q to equip your weapon, you can use R to cycle between weapons
  • press E to reload your gun when equipped
  • read your new journal entry - you now know the safe combination (3-10-23-1)
  • open the safe
  • you now have a key to unlock the front door of the house in the hall, this takes you to
map street1/main
  • you stand in front of a red house, to your right is a white house, before you is a warehouse
  • explore a bit, examine the iron gate
  • go to the door under the red light on the side of the warehouse
  • you might want to have your gun equipped…
map warehouse/main
  • this will be the first and last time that I give you prior warning of an enemy, in this respect you are on your own from now on!
  • once it is dealt with, move the crate to reveal a hole
  • looking at the hole, combine the string with the magnet
  • with the key, let’s exit the warehouse and enter the white house
map mansion/hall
  • take the “Letter to Bill” on the cabinet, and read your new journal entry
  • the door opposite the bathroom leads to
map mansion/livingroom
  • explore a bit, examine the photo on the wall
  • go up the stairs to
map mansion/upperhall
  • the door opposite you is door3, then counterclockwise, door2 and door1
  • start at door1, it leads to
map mansion/toilet
  • not much here, but examine the toilet
  • door2 leads to
map mansion/bedroom1
  • take the “Little girl’s diary”, and read your new journal entry
  • examine the table and cabinet
  • door3 leads to
map mansion/bedroom2
  • examine and take the ring on the bed, you now know the gate code (1207)
  • take the ammo on the desk
  • going back to the mansion/livingroom, the door to your immediate right leads to
map mansion/kitchen
  • take the car battery
  • examine the paintings on the wall
  • now you can go back outside to street2/main, and around the side of the white mansion is a locked hatch
  • combine the car battery with the screwdriver to unlock the hatch, which will take you to
map mansion/basement
  • after falling in, make your way through the basement
  • take the keycard under the stairs
  • the stairs lead back into mansion/livingroom, but we’re gonna exit the house and go to the gate on the street
  • use the keycard on the panel near the gate, then type in the code 1207 to unlock the door
  • the door will take you to
map street2/main
  • I’ve found that this part of the game is more stable, and it’s generally safe to use doors. If teleporting via console commands has been tedious, try using doors for a while.
  • before you are three buildings, a yellow building on the right, a middle gray building, and a left gray building
  • explore for a bit
  • but don’t go between the gray buildings
  • …not…yet…
  • go inside the left gray building
map house3/main
  • there’s only two accessible apartments in this building, the first one is to your immediate left
map house3/hall1
  • starting from the door you came in, counterclockwise, are door1, 2, 3, and 4
  • door1 will lead to
map house3/toilet1
  • examine the toilet
  • take the pills
  • door2 leads to
map house3/childroom1
  • make yourself comfortable
  • don’t try to leave
  • stay here forever
  • ț͈͍ͣ̀h̗̞͍̲̲̒̔̐̓̐̚i̬̙̭͎͇ͅͅs̤̅̚ ̣̘̹͎ǐ̲̱̮͔ͧs̫̩̹͍̠̊̽ͥ̆ ̦̣̙̗̤̺͍͗ͩ́͂̚ỵ͆ͯͭͨ̽͋̚o͗̉u͇̦̫̖̘͎r̰̪̹̓͋ͫ ͖͎̼̳͗h͉̯͑ͯ͂̓ŏ̙͖̺ͅm̖̱̃e̼͈͛͂̋ͥ ̥̪̙n̻̲̣̟̫̭̞̿ò́͗͂̿̒̉w̲͋͒͗ͣ̐͊ͪ
map house3/livingroom1
  • examine the tv, bookcase, and paintings on the wall. Are you sure you’re alright?
  • door4 takes you to
map house3/childroom1
map house3/bedroom1
  • examine the mattress, radio, and “Woredrobe”
  • take the notebook, and read your new journal entry
  • theres nothing left here, go back to the stairwell
  • the only other apartment is on the top floor
map house3/hall2
  • take the penknife on the desk
  • examine the desk
  • who keeps BREAKING THAT GLASS??
  • there’s nothing in the kitchen, so go to the toilet
map house3/toilet2
  • nothing to see here either, so take the double doors at the end of hall2
map house3/livingroom2
  • examine the bookshelves, TV, table, and book. In the bedroom, examine “The Eye”
  • walk back to the- wait…is the phone ringing?
  • …should you answer it?
  • the other pair of doors in this room lead to
map house3/diningroom2
  • examine the shelf, bookcases, and statue
  • the other door leads back to the kitchen, so let’s get out of this apartment, back to the stairwell
  • at the bottom of the stairs is a door to the basement
map house3/basement1
  • FAIR WARNING: the basement in this building is very unfinished - take a few steps forward and you’ll see what I mean…
  • the path splits, the left and right paths both end in dead ends. Before you is meant to be a set of stairs…how far can you go into the darkness?
  • there are two other areas of the basement that are meant to be accessible, so we’ll teleport there to explore
map house3/basemement2
  • the door behind you leads to a corridor that takes some trickery to navigate (try walking backwards at first)
  • the door opposite from you leads to
map house3/basement3
  • where you can pick up more ammo, a cassette tape, and a hammer (that looks oddly like a gun when equipped…)
  • from basement3, if you use the door behind you back to to basement 2, then go to the door across from you, you’ll see a clever little easter egg left by the developer! It only works if you start from basement3 and go back to basement2.
  • ok let’s go back to map street2/main and take the blue doors in the middle gray building
map foodstore/main
  • there’s nothing interesting here, so take the other door to
map foodstore/storeroom
  • again nothing here
  • take the wire on the box before leaving to street2
  • now let’s go inside the yellow house
map house2/main
  • you’re inside another apartment. I HIGHLY recommend you don’t teleport, and only use doors while inside this building
  • on the second floor is a door to
map house2/hall
  • examine the table in the kitchen, and take the iron bar
  • you cannot open the safe yet
  • take the closed door to
map house2/livingroom
  • examine, then use the computer
  • RUN!!
  • now that you’re back on the street, take a stroll between the gray buildings
  • try not to get lost...
  • within this area is the tool needed to open the safe - you have to find it
  • once you have the tool, if you try to combine it with the iron bar, it will tell you the iron bar is too thick
  • wasn’t there a grind wheel in the foodstore?
  • with the thinner iron bar combined with the tool, head back to the yellow house and open the safe
  • you now have the key to the school in hand. How does one get to the school?
  • through the graveyard, of course
  • across the yellow house is a locked gate. I do not know where to find the key, but it will take you to
map cematary/main
  • be sure to spell that incorrectly, correctly - that’s cemAtAry
  • go to the shack on your right, there is an electrical box on the wall
  • use the wire to fix the electrical box
  • use the now fixed electrical box to solve a math puzzle
  • this puzzle can be a bit tedious so here are a few hints:
  • HINT 1: pi is “multiply”, sigma is “plus”, alpha is “divide”
  • HINT 2: fuck it the answer is: sigma alpha pi alpha pi sigma
  • solving this puzzle unlocks the gate on the far side
  • but first, go into the crypt
map cematary/crypt
  • there's nothing in the crypt but empty coffins, so take this time to admire the soundtrack, and remember that Thomas did this by himself!
  • take the far gate in the cemetery to
map street3/main
  • can you imagine walking through a graveyard on your way to school every day?
  • from this point on, the game gets very unstable, I recommend you exclusively teleport through doors
  • the door on the building takes us to
map school/main
  • there’s not much here but more doors, the door on your immediate left takes you to
map school/reception
  • you can explore a bit, but there’s nothing to pick up
  • in the main hall, take the boys’ bathroom door to
map school/boytoilet
  • explore a bit and take the jar of coal
  • the girls’ bathroom door leads to
map school/girltoilet
  • examine the middle, partially open stall
  • could the player character, Alex, actually be a girl?
  • come back outside and take the stairs up to
map school/corridor2
  • examine "The Eye" on your right
  • in the next hallway, the first door on your right leads to
map school/classroom3
  • take the “blank piece of paper” in the back on a desk
  • the next door on your right leads to the very eerie
map school/classroom4
  • examine the only desk here
  • the last door on this hallway takes you to
map school/storeroom
  • take the box of matches
  • examine the “Note from a Friend” by the computer, pick it up, and read your new journal entry
  • that’s it for this corridor, back in school/main, the last door to take leads to
map school/corridor1
  • ignore the staircase for now
  • the first door on your right leads to
map school/classroom1
  • take the jar on the teacher’s desk
  • examine the papers on the desk and the world map
  • the second door in the corridor leads to
map school/classroom2
  • examine the books on the shelves, the two pipes, and the map on the wall
  • the two wooden doors at the end of this corridor take you to
map school/chemestryroom
  • this isn’t a chemistry room, is it?
  • examine everything
  • take the jar of acid and jar of salt
  • activate the burner to turn it on, use the matches on it to get a flame
  • looking at the burning burner, combine the jar of coal with the blank paper to show the code 2519
  • use the jar with salt on the burner to get a jar of pure salt
  • combine the pure salt with the jar…
  • combine the coal with the jar…
  • combine the acid with the jar…
  • combine the matches with the jar…
  • nothing happens - I have to admit, I’m stumped, I have no idea how to solve this puzzle
  • somehow, you find a way past the door at the bottom of the stairs we skipped earlier - this door takes you to
map otherside/main
  • I’m 99% sure you’re in Hell right now - there’s no going back so follow the path
  • eventually, the platform will split in 3 directions…
  • the left path leads to a “plate” with readable text
  • the right path leads to a dead end, but you can jump down to a lower platform with another readable “plate”. This path eventually merges with the forward path so take it and move on.
  • eventually you’ll come upon a metal door that leads to
map otherside/room1
  • on the other side of this platform is another metal door to
map otherside/room2
  • at the end of this path is a panel
  • 2519 does nothing
  • 1207 does nothing
  • I don’t know what to do here
  • backtrack a little and you’ll see a gray platform you can jump down to
  • at the end of this path is a metal door that leads to
map otherside/room3
  • the bottomless pit does exactly what you think it does
  • you can pick up a piece of an amulet here
  • the door at the end takes you to
map otherside/room4
  • here you can find another amulet near the bottomless pit
  • as you can guess, there's a third amulet piece to find...
  • an unlocked door will bring you to
map otherside/room5
  • here you will find the last amulet piece
  • back in otherside/room4, find the door with a circle shape in the middle
  • one by one, use all the amulet pieces on the door - it is now unlocked
  • take it to
map otherside/room6
  • the door is shut behind you
  • there is no escape!

Alright, we made it through Unbirth!

I hope you had as much fun as I did, and I certainly hope you’ve gained an appreciation for this diamond in the rough.

I really like Unbirth, not only can you see the inception of some of the ideas that would later define Penumbra and Amnesia, but Unbirth also deals with a lot heavier of a subject matter than those two later games - dark entities kidnapping and mutilating children, an apocalyptic plague, a twisted school full of rusted metal and fetus jars....pretty heavy stuff!

I hope we can generate enough love for Unbirth to convince Frictional to turn it into another one of their masterpieces.

Alright, let's see who can last the longest inside map house3/childroom1
Kudos for the good work [Image: like.png]
Bit random, but I got to house3/childroom1 a couple months ago and I remember that one of the paintings in that room is a cropped picture of the 'ghost kid' from that one image that was popular back in the day.

The image I'm talking about can be found at textures/detail/detail_painting15, btw.

Anyway, that unfinished basement in house3 scared the hell out of me the first time I encountered the broken walls. I felt like they were gonna come to life or something...
Umm where the hell do I find the string in the start of the game?[/php]