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Full Version: Static objects loading in the editor but not the game
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Hi all,
So I'm currently working on a mod where I'm using a decent amount of custom .dae models and textures and I'm having a problem with how Soma.exe is loading custom static objects (from within my mod's entities/static_objects folder) into the map. I've followed this wiki to add lookup directories to the editor, and I'm able to load .dae models into the map, but no matter how I run my mod (SomaDev.bat, ModLauncher, etc) the engine only loads static objects (including custom ones) that are placed in SOMA's original static_objects folder.
The root directory of my mod is located at SOMA/mods/Only_Haven
[Image: editor_static_objects.PNG]
(view from editor)

[Image: game_lack_of_static_objects.PNG]
(view from game)

[Image: mod_directory.PNG]
(mod directory)

[Image: mod_directory_and_resources_file.PNG]
(resources file)

Thanks for the help!
-- Cade
I'd say it probably has to do with your resources.cfg. I found one I had to be located within the config folder; not sure if that affects anything. Also you shouldn't need to add every sub directory of /assets.
Doing just /assets with AddSubDirs="True" is enough.

Though, even with these changes I doubt it'll fix the actual issue. You should check the hpl.log file from Documents\My Games\SOMA to see the error message of why it didn't load.
That fixed it! I changed my resources.cfg so that only /assets is listed (as opposed to all of its subdirectories) and copied the resources.cfg file to my config folder.

Also, I had linked a lot of meshes to a folder I made in SOMA's original static_objects folder (before I knew what I was doing), and since this isn't what I wanted, I copied all my custom meshes to within the mod folder's static_objects folder. And this managed to resolve the file paths of the meshes linked outside the mod folder to those linked within it. Thanks again --Cade Smile