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Full Version: Difficulty Settings
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It seems the game has no difficulty setting, so I propose the following:

Hard: Tinderboxes aren't allowed, but the lantern is.

Nightmare: Lantern isn't allowed, but tinderboxes are.

My next play-through will be one of the aforementioned. If anyone else tries this out, let us know what you think!
II worry that a complete ban on one or the other light sources might make at least some sections of the game simply unplayable, but its an interesting concept.

I recommend trying self-imposed restrictions, at least when sensible - or understandably insensible. For example, as I wandered the transept I did not light the lantern. Instead Daniel wandered in near-darkness and growing insanity, the murmurings and imagined sights hammering the horrors home. The evidence of the acts he assisted in proved just too much for him once again and madness ruled throughout the climax. Which only seemed appropriate.
I hardly see how limiting light sources would make the game harder because i might have well played through your nightmare version already. I stayed in the dark most of the time and didn't use the latern, in fact at one point I had over 30 tinderboxes and 8 oil things (w/o abusing the cans). The dark is safer because you aren't visible, running around with a latern is like saying "EAT ME, I WANNA DIE!".

If anything a game based on horror and stealth should have difficulty in spawn of enemies and their ability to see/hear you as well as their speed/damage/reset time.