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Full Version: Resetting brightness/contrast/gamma - way to view image at first startup again?
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Tried searching, but I couldn't find anything on this - and admittedly, I gave up after a few attempts because of the 30-second search restriction.

Is there any way to see the screen that appears the first time you open the game again? I just started playing Overture, but accidentally clicked out of it before I had a chance to adjust my screen settings.

Alternatively, is it online anywhere (wasn't turning up anything on Google, but I might've been using the wrong search terms)? I've only found a thumbnail, which was too small to assess properly.
On the options screen, you can adjust Gamma up or down as you like.

But I don´t know how to get that screen to appear again (except uninstalling and reinstalling, but I don´t think you want to do that).
If you go to "My Documents\Penumbra Overture\Episode1" and open settings.cfg in notepad, you can edit the text that says FirstStart="false" to FirstStart="true". That will make the gamma setup screen show again the next time you start the game.
Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for!

I actually ended up using the second game to fix my settings, figuring that it would have a similar screen, but it's good to know what to do in case I decide to play it again in the future.