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Full Version: shadow/texture issue SOLVED!
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Today I open my level editor to continue working on my CS, and surprisingly all the trees have a shadow or texture problem, they look black inside (these are the default trees of statics objets)... I try to restart the level editor, see if delet item and put it again... Nothing changes... In the game you can also see the problem all trees black inside.

Someone know if I fuck up clicking something??

Please somebody knows how to arrange this, its horrible to play and design with this shadow/texture issue at every map with trees
Do you have a light in your level - preferably a boxlight, and is it turned on?

Is there a .map_cache file in your map's directory? If so, delete that.

Have you made any edits to the tree's textures internally? Have you installed any custom stories/full conversions which may have interfered with the tree?

Load up the Level Editor, then fully load your level, then close the editor and post the LevelEditor.log file. If you're using a Windows PC, it can be found at Documents/HPL2/LevelEditor.log

I have a boxlight that is active
I do not have any cache file
I didnt touch the tree textures
But yes i Instaled 2 amnesia custom story... but I just delet them and nothing changed.

I attached here a picture of what this "problem" looks like...
Looks like the material that contains that texture has changed its blending more. It should be alpha I would guess.

If you've got the game on Steam you can verify the integrity of the game cache and it should fix.
How do I do that? yes my game is on steam
Right click it on Steam > Properties > Local Files > Verify intergrity of game cache
omg I feel like a stupid, cant do that either... >.< Steam > Properties > Local Files can, but the last thing I dont find anything related to it.
[Image: 9G5MpFE.png]
IT worked!! thank you so much!