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Full Version: Ahem... Mod Tools Have Been Released !
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Weee... the First one to post about the Tools Big Grin

So guys, You've all been waitin for the Mod Tools eh ?.. so you got your wish and it has been released.. so what are you waiting for go get it

Link - Amnesia : The Dark Descent Mod Tools
Whatever.. atleast i've posted first in this section of the forum.. Smile
Wow, that are good news!
But I think I'll wait for the ATI-Patch (if it finally will be released, who knowsConfused)
and play at least a bit of the game before I'll start modding.
Wow nice! I didn't know about this! Now I have another thing to play withSmile Hmm, I'll try to make an unscary thing such as using the normal monster as box/book/bottle/chair/painting throwing event target.