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Full Version: What do you think of the game's length?
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For the price point and variety of content in Amnesia, the length was just right.

The game ends just before things too become repetitive and the player starts to become familiar with various encounters. Any longer and it would have probably felt a bit drawn out and the player would have lost the feelings the devs strived so hard to create. Familiarity is not good for horror games. Fortunately Amnesia doesn't fall into this trap.

I look forward to seeing longer games from Frictional, but new ways to instill fear in the player and new "unknowns" would need to be introduced to keep this scary and fresh at a decent pace.
I just beat the game and I took my time exploring every corner while also only playing at night and putting myself into Daniel's shoes as much as possible. My game experience was phenomenal and had a decent length. Really looking forward to what Frictional does next.
I thought the game length was fine for what it was, but I couldn't shake the feeling that there was perhaps some aspect of the story that got cut to release the game sooner due to financial pressure. Perhaps it's just me, but I sensed a missed opportunity for another wing with some secondary plot regarding Alexander's motivation/lost love.

But to put a price on art, I'd say the game length was worth 30 dollars, despite my vote, which reflects mostly my opinion that it was planned longer but cut due to constraints.
I think the game should of been little shorter if you look from the level design and horror point of view. The first levels all up to the Nave were truly scary but then the levels got kind of flat and relied on jump scares rather than making a really scary athmosphere. Very few monster in the Nave and surrounding hubs, no monsters at all in the Transept which was kinda dissapointing. Too open areas like the Choir. If and when monsters showed up in the Choir, you could almost ignore them because of the wide open area and just walk around them.

Puzzles were good, eventhough there should be an option to choose the difficultiness for the puzzles. I though these were way too easy. And I was hoping for more puzzles based on manipulating the object physically. Like the elevator wheelcog part where the game literally told you you are trying to put the wrong cog on the wrong place and when you put it on the right spot it just slid on its place automatically.

But all in all, excellent game. I have never been as scared when playing a videogame as I was with Amnesia.
I think the length of the game was just fine.

In the begining the story was kept simple and the focus was on scares and atmosphere, then there was some entertaining puzzles to crack before finally the story became the main focus.

Overall this worked very well for me and was the best gaming experience I've had in a long time.

If anything It would have been fun with more secrets that wasn't neccecary to progress but that could contain weird books, documents and more detail on the story etc.
Personally the length was dead on perfect. I myself did a let's play of the game that took me 19 days of 30 minutes a day to beat... Roughly around 9.5-10 hours was the total. Now by day 15 or so I honestly expected the game to be ending "just around the corner". That went on for about 3 hours of gameplay. So I think you nailed the length. Any longer and you would have been forced to create a new set of challenges or encounters to keep the player guessing because by the end you should be fairly toughened up and ready to handle whatever you have faced to that point.

My main complaint is the ending. I beat it multiple times to see all three but none of them are what I wanted. I won't say spoilers here since there is some insane chance someone who hasn't beaten the game yet might read this but lets just say I wanted to see some justice served. With the endings available it just couldn't be done. Also you did need to expand on the endings and make them a bit longer. Regardless I was extremely satisfied with the game and have recommended it to many many people.
It was too short but I say that because I enjoyed it immensely and didn't want it to end.

The longer the better but don't sacrifice the quality. You guys should also consider adding additional monsters into the game rather then just ONE monster. There should also be more ways to die then just to die to the single monster in the game. I think I saw one player die because of losing sanity but that's it. There should be more frightening moments in the environment that aren't just caused by a monster with a ripped open face.

I loved the Alexander painting, the creepy music and the piano slamming shut. We needed more stuff like that. The sewer wasn't very scary and near the end there was more exploration and puzzles then any type of fearful element. You had gotten used to it all because there weren't enough unexpected NEW things happening but more of the same thing. Making someone scared as they are doing a puzzle would be great. If they don't figure it out soon, they get eaten or lose their sanity.

Keep this in mind for your next game. More monsters, more ways to die, additional length and more scary environmental elements. Keep up the tension. Tension is key even after someone dies for the first time because if the tension is kept up, it keeps that adrenaline flowing.

It was too easy to keep sanity because you got a million tinderboxes and the latern never ran out. There weren't enough sanity losing events.

But nonetheless, the game was good and don't let any negative reviews discourage you. Improve on the negative areas and make a bigger and better game the next time.
From as much as I have played so far, I'm sure I'm about 1/2 way through the game. And so far, I've loved every moment of it. It has scared me multiple times, as well as my friends who watch while I play.

I'm also glad you included the Level Editor and Tools. This gives us even more options to the game. We can create our own stories and levels, and share them with everyone else! Smile

It's perfect.
It took me ca. 8 hours to finish the game on the first run and I never even considered its length to be an issue until those reviewers brought it up.

I found out about this game on Yahtzee's review for the Escapist. He didn't mention its length but called its scariness "almost unmatched", which was in essence what sold it to me.

So, no, it's not too short, and I voted for "Perfect".
Well I was super satisfied by the game. I felt that I got 10 times what I paid for. I do not see how anyone could call it too short, even if it was a full 60 dollar retail release. However, since it is so fantastic I would love to have more. I would play a 60 hour epic if Frictional made one...
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