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Full Version: What do you think of the game's length?
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The game has been ruined a bit for me because I had to take large pauses between gaming sessions (biggest one was 2 weeks!), so I can't really answer this question for sure. But, judging from the enjoyment I had from playing the game, I can safely say that it the game's length didn't feel either too short or too long for me.
I just beat it, and I have to say I like the length. I do, however, play games slowly. Maybe an hour or so 2 or 3 times a week. This game was different though, as the first section made me so uncomfortable I could only do maybe half an hour at a time. The later sections I found to be much less scary but far more interesting, and I enjoyed them more. Well, I had more FUN while playing them, I know that fun must not have bee the goal of the first parts. The later sections reminded me more of Penumbra, and I played them for maybe an hour or two at a time over the last few days.
I found the length to be fine with this game, the environments and situations were varied enough that I felt it gave a very full experience. Towards the end, I was ready for it to be the end. I feel this is more because I could feel the story coming to a head rather than me being bored or anything like that. Also, I made it my business to explore everything, so that likely made my time longer. I would say I easily spend 10 hours on this, possibly more.
I will reiterate an idea I've seen a couple others mention, which is that the actual "length" of the game was near-perfect, but the ending itself left a little to be desired. I think the game allows just enough time to experience the material present (the three enemies, the different environment sets, etc.). The game engine is so solid that we would of course love to experience another interesting puzzle or terrifying creature encounter, but there's only so much you guys can do as an indie company. And, for the record, it took me around 10 hours to play through (I explore obsessively), and am looking forward to playing it again with commentary.

The game feels somewhat "short" however, because the ending lacks impact. Gameplay-wise, the final encounter is trivial. I don't think anyone was expecting a boss-battle, but some kind of tension would be nice. More importantly, while the story is definitely concluded (one way or another), I felt like I was missing key information. From a plot synopsis point of view, we know Daniel's motivations, and Alexander's, and we know generally what happened before Daniel lost his memory. But it's all pretty fuzzy.

I realize leaving horror to the imagination is a (very effective) tool, but it's not the same as leaving holes in the story. For example, while I desperately want to know who Alexander is and where he came from, to tell would likely ruin much of the mystery. On the other hand, a description of exactly how/why Daniel "chooses to forget" might go a long way towards me understanding why the game is happening in the first place. Particularly at the end of the game, you feel that at least one of these mysteries will be solved, and the endgame itself provides no answers.

However, that's the only real quibble I have with an otherwise fantastic game. Keep up the good work.
To be fair it is only the games quality that would make people think it was too short. When you really enjoy something you don't want it to end do you.

For its price it was fair, being selfish i wanted more.

I truly do hope your next title is more than twice the size with an increased price because if its going to be better horror i will be getting it.
@Perfectionist couldn't said it better myself. I was very sad when the game ended. I wanted to go further never stop playing. It doesn't have the same call when you played it again and if i could forget everything in the game, every level, feeling, monster, puzzle i would just for another wonderful experience. So, like Perfectionist said, i hope the next game will be longer than Amnesia.
I was terrified to begin with, the demo took me around 40 minutes to complete as I was sneaking around. However, after a while I learned I could just run around and if there was a zombie I could just hide in the corner facing the wall for a while. I think a few things could have been improved:

- Ending (as has been said)
- More variety (more monsters, different puzzles)
- Expand more on 'insanity'. Apart from when you get to '...' and you fall over.. nothing really happens. The distorted screen relies only on whether you're losing sanity or not. I think it'd be really cool to hallucinate monsters when you're insane, and have some more effects that will play on your fear, not just make you more susceptible to a zombie attack.
- I had like 40 tinderboxes and 15 lantern oils when I finished. And I never felt I couldn't stay in darkness or I'd go insane, that seemed to happen way too slowly + the effects of insanity were quite weak I felt.

Started off being an awesome game, and the story kept me intrigued the whole way, but I felt the gameplay got a little tired about halfway through.
I finished the game in just over 8 hours. That's pretty good for a $20 game. However, I wanted more of the game. I would love to see Frictional's next game be 12 hours or longer. I would happily pay more for the game. I also felt Amnesia was under-priced. I believe the game was worth between $30 and $40. Considering other multi-million dollar games that aren't half as good as Amnesia sell for $60 and have 4 to 6 hours of gameplay, I think Frictional could have priced Amnesia higher.
To be honest, all in all it took me about 12 - 14 hours or so to finish it, becouse i was sneaking around a lot; i played it over the time period of two weeks becouse sometimes I had to take a day-long break becouse I was simply too scared to start it up Blush

I find the game's lenght just fine, no need to make it any longer imo since it's great as a short and thrilling expirience.
its long enough considering the price, but i wouldn't mind if it where any longer than 18h+
I thought the length was perfect, though playing through it I was expecting it to be shorter; more likely hoping it to be shorter out of fear of going into the next level. It’s hard to play all in one sitting because you just have to step back and take a breather. The anxiety and paranoia this game induces is far scarier than the actual scary things in the game. The only thing I think you guys could improve on is breaking up the linearity of the game. Now that I know where the monsters and events will trigger it’s not as intimidating as the first time. If you could have the experience randomize a little with each new game file it would make the game keep the element of surprise like it did the first time. That would make the game well worth the price and give it that lasting power. I also think there should be a harder difficulty version where more monsters spawn, insanity is harder to avoid, and there are fewer tinderboxes and oil. That version would make survival a real challenge and shut-up the critics who claim it’s too easy to get by the monsters.
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