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Full Version: What do you think of the game's length?
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Considering that I was never able to play for multiple hours in a row coupled with me crawling forward the first time around, the length was absolutely perfect. Longer story would probably leave me with heart issues :o
I agree with everything you said Thomas. You can't make a scary game longer because you can't use the same scare twice plus that theres no combat in the game so you can't make it longer by puting 10 enemies in a room (exactly as you said) and you can't really play it twice already knowing all the events puzzles, etc. MAYBE only after some time when you forget some of the events and so on. THEN you can feel like continuing playing a second time. The only way you could make a game like Amnesia longer is by adding more and harder puzzles, having bigger areas and multiple ways to do complete a certain objective or puzzle. That would give the game some more replay-ability too.

Overall I think Amnesia's lenght was PERFECT. You guys did everything you could and pushed the scariness and lenght of a scary game to the limit.
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