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Full Version: What do you think of the game's length?
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@due sex

buddy, extra marketing costs have to be incurred when you release the same game for a different platform at a later time, Frictional games has to pay websites to run their banner ads etc.

the rest of your post i totally agree with Smile
I probably clocked in seven to nine hours (two nights overall) and the length is perfect. It's packed with content and unique areas and exploration value. The length itself doesn't matter, but how content packed X amount of hours is does matter, and that's great. I would have spent even more money (ignore the fact that I got a free review copy).
The length is just right for those who don't have the time to spend forever on finishing it.
But personally I would like it to be much, much longer. In fact I want to play it a lot more. I'll have another go as I'm sure I missed a few things. (I never did use that wooden crank).
After the ending I feel like I have lost purpose in life.
Fortunately I surfed and found that there's an editor so now I know there will be lots of new additions as the word gets out and modders descend on this game in full force.
Super game!

PS: The cost probably did get me to buy it as I had no previous knowledge of the games existence and was looking for a game on Direct2drive and it caught my eye.
Really glad I found it.
Good length. If it was much longer it would have felt watered down. Perhaps a slower build up to the horrors and more elaborate ending.
My opinion?

Amnesia was the perfect length for its story. If you wanted to make a longer game (not Amnesia) and charge more for it, and without sacrificing quality, I would buy it. If you want to continue making games this length, that's fine, too.

I won't lie and say I don't care about game length, but I want the game to take exactly as long as it takes to play, and I enjoy the games you make, so I want to continue enjoying them for as long as I can.
I wish the game was longer, but for 20 bucks, it was unquestionably a good deal.

In fact, with the length that it was, I would consider 30 bucks a fair price.
I wanted atmosphere from this game and it's better then i imagined. 20$ is quite small prize for any released game... and I really don't think this game is too short:O
Well I am one of the three that voted too short no matter the price.
To clarify:
I loved the game so much that what I paid was not relevant.
BUT.. I bought this game from Direct2drive because I was browsing there for an inexpensive game. I had no pre-knowledge of this game or Penumbra games at all. Now I shall buy the others as well.

But the moment I began the game I thought my dream game Thief (all 3) had come back to life. This is the best game since Thief 2 (Can't count my other favorites, Morrowind or Oblivion, because they are not the same kind of games at all.)

I read in the blog that you devs are biting your nails over too short, too cheap, etc., well my comment is this:
The game's 10 hours is exactly right for people who go to work or school. They can easily enjoy it for a weekend. and for $20 - that's a cheap weekend. Aim at that market.

I spent probably 14 hours on it in total. Not near long enough for me, but then I am retired and have all the time in the world to spend on games.

I want to see the next episode starting from the end part where Daniel can be thrown back to another adventure to satisfy some dark quests that the orbs invoke. Or where the orbs creator(s) wants all the orbs returned and Daniel (or his brother?) have to go find them.

by the way I let Alexander go where he wanted to it was only fair after all the work he went through for immortality.
I think 10 hours is good .

Think about games like Alan Wake or Splinter cell : 3 years devellopment (5 for Alan Wake) you pay 70 euros to play like 7 - 10 hours.

To finish the release of the SDK provide us a good alternative after finishing the game.

Sorry for my poor english (i'm french)
The game was a little on the short side but not really in level, more like in story. If the story had been done to be more involved and the ending been a lot bigger the game would have been perfect. I really like the games but I need more story and explanation or else the climax is anti-climatic.

Who is Weyer?
Who is Agrippa?
What is the shadow?
What is the beyond place?
What about Alexander's love?
What is Alexander?

There are many others but thats all I could think of.
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